Move-In Madness! Week 1

It has started! Sunday and Monday we helped move-in some of the 832 incoming TU freshmen- the biggest TU freshmen class ever! It was 2 long days, but we had the opportunity to connect with tons of students and invite them to our first awesome event! Read More…


The Calm Before the Storm

A short chance to catch our breath. That’s what this week is for Sarah and I. We’ve had a full summer of events, trips, and preparation, but now everything is in place for the start of the semester. This truly is the “calm before the storm.”

Read More…

Costa Rica Update #1

Well, we have been in Costa Rica for a 3 full days now! It has been an amazing start to the trip. Here is a breakdown day by day so far! Read More…

Here We Go!


We are about to board our plane to Costa Rica! Keep us in your prayers and we’ll be in touch soon!


Keep us in your prayer!

In about 12 hours we will be sitting in an airport on our way to Costa Rica with a small team of Chi Alphans! Please have us in your prayers over the next 10 days (we return June 13th). Be praying that we are in tune with the Holy Spirit and that God will set-up those opportunities to speak into people’s lives. We hope to be an encouragement to the national churches, pastors, and missionaries. Our goal is to be Christ-like servants. Keep us in your prayers. I will try to post what we have been up as often as I can. Thank you in advance for all your prayers!