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Finals Bash

A semi-annual tradition at TU XA is Finals Bash! This is an all-night party consisting of tons of food, games, and all types of fun which takes place in the middle of finals week. It was tough to get an accurate count with students in every corner of the house, but we think we saw about 70 students stop-by. We had a lot of fun! Below are some pictures of the night. You can find lots more at the TU XA Facebook page or by clicking here. Read More…


ThanksFest 2012

Just a week ago (Nov. 15th) we had our annual ThanksFest! This is a tradition that was began at OU many years ago, and we have continued it here at TU. Last year we did a small version at the Tiffany’s home, similar to our weekly fellowship meals. This year we pumped up our students up and threw our first full-scale TU ThanksFest!

After all of the hard work, long nights, and heavy promotion, I can say it was a huge success! We had over 70 TU students attend the event!

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Our Fall Newsletter Is Here!

Our fall newsletter has just been sent out! We dropped them in the mail today and sent the email version out last Friday. If you would like to join our email newsletter list you can do so at

Move-In Madness! Week 1

It has started! Sunday and Monday we helped move-in some of the 832 incoming TU freshmen- the biggest TU freshmen class ever! It was 2 long days, but we had the opportunity to connect with tons of students and invite them to our first awesome event! Read More…

The Calm Before the Storm

A short chance to catch our breath. That’s what this week is for Sarah and I. We’ve had a full summer of events, trips, and preparation, but now everything is in place for the start of the semester. This truly is the “calm before the storm.”

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