The Calm Before the Storm

A short chance to catch our breath. That’s what this week is for Sarah and I. We’ve had a full summer of events, trips, and preparation, but now everything is in place for the start of the semester. This truly is the “calm before the storm.”

We have tons of new print material, custom printed bandanas, backpacks, frisbees, water bottles, t-shirts, and big plans. There is also a fresh look on all of our websites (,, The new freshmen move in on Sunday & Monday this week, and we’ve jam packed these first 2 weeks full of events catered to building connections between our student leaders and the incoming freshmen. You can see a full list of these events at If you would like to help with, or co-sponsor, any event, we’d love to have you!

Sarah, Greg, Susan, and I are once again serving as mentors for the freshmen orientation week. This gives us amazing opportunities to serve the University and build relationships with students. Last year we met 4 of our first students through our orientation groups!

This looks to be an exciting year, and we can’t wait to meet the new freshmen, but for the next few days we’ll be taking it easy so we can go full force come Sunday! Keep us in your prayers!



About Adam and Sarah Quinn

Missionaries changing the universities and helping the hurting of Costa Rica.

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