What a night!

This last monday was our second-to-last Monday Night Feast and prayer night. For Greg, Susan, and I (Adam) it was our last since next week is Oklahoma District Council. Sarah and Riley will be taking care of the meal next week! We’ve tried to implement worship into our weekly prayer meetings. Not just with music, but by giving glory to God in a wide variety of ways. Each month this semester we’ve had 1 week dedicated to worship in place of the usual prayer meeting. Last month we did a blow-out worship service. We brought in some of our OSU XA friends and a friend from Woodlake Assembly to help round out the band. It was a spectacular night. We called it “Clay.” We saw over 40 people walk through the doors! This was our biggest event on campus to date. Interestingly enough, the students’ favorite part wasn’t the music, although they enjoyed worship for almost 2 HOURS!, but it was the 30 minutes of alone, quiet prayer time in the middle. God did some cool things.

This month we decided to keep the worship intimate, unadvertised, acoustic, and God-led without a true agenda. It was an awesome night. God truly showed up. Out of nowhere there were 30 people there! We began with a few songs and God really moved in the hearts of the students. One girl, a member of the track team, is having heart trouble. It is keeping her from her God-given talent of running and has been really difficult for her. We were led to pray for her. The coolest thing was, in this extremely mixed group of Christians ranging from AG backgrounds, Baptists, and even Catholics, in a blink of an eye everyone was laying their hands on her and praying. One of our students from a Baptist background shared with us later that she found it simply “powerful.” We believe God is going to heal this student and she will be running again soon!

Next, we asked if anyone would like special prayer for anything. We had about 5 students raise their hands and we broke off into prayer groups with them. I can’t speak for the rest of the groups, but within our prayer circle we felt the presence of God. I believe he has begun breaking of bondage and we will have even more great testimonies to share! We finished the evening with a couple of fun songs just to give God praise.

It was probably my favorite night of XA so far. God is moving and lives are changing! This weekend is leadership retreat and I cannot wait to see what our students develop as a vision and plan to see their campus transformed. Their hearts are truly amazing!


About Adam and Sarah Quinn

Missionaries changing the universities and helping the hurting of Costa Rica.

One response to “What a night!”

  1. Lacey says :

    God is doing incredible things. I am so thankful for you!

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