Favorite Day!

Well it’s Tuesday. Tuesday has become my favorite day of the week. Why? It does seem like a strange day to be a person’s favorite. I guess I’ve never really had a liking for Tuesday until this semester, and now it’s almost gone! Well, starting on Tuesday, January 31st  we began Chi Alpha Leadership Class, aka CALC, at TU! This is a 10 week class over XA, our mission, our core values, servant-leadership, the Holy Spirit, lifegroup mechanics, and much more. We have 7 students who will make up our first CALC graduating class! Starting tomorrow they will be applying for leadership roles and we will see XA at TU become the student-led ministry that is so effective on the college campus! I’m so proud of our students for their commitment to XA, CALC, and to see their campus transformed. Next year they will be leading lifegroups and filling roles such as president, secretary/treasurer, evangelism coordinator, discipleship coordinator, worship coordinator, fellowship coordinator, and XAi (XA International) coordinator. We will be headed to leadership retreat April 20-22 to gear up for the fall 2012 semester. I am pumped about what God is doing at TU! If you would like to know more about the content of our CALC class you can find the manual and recordings of every session at www.XAtulsa.com.

Sarah and I know we have not been blogging as much as we have wanted! Be looking in the next few days for a blog to catch you up on everything that has happened at TU XA.


About Adam and Sarah Quinn

Missionaries changing the universities and helping the hurting of Costa Rica.

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